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Excel Energy Group, Inc.

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Excel Energy Group, Inc.


Turnkey (Lighting) Lighting

Energy Service Affiliate Member 1


Excel Energy Group is the Nation’s leading LED design and installation team. We are committed to excellence in energy efficiency and always on the cutting edge of energy technology. Excel serves educational, municipal government, and healthcare markets, and has upgraded over 20,000 facilities in these sectors over 30 years of business. Having upgraded thousands of lighting systems throughout the United States, Excel has a proven track record that has resulted in hundreds of millions in savings for our customers. From the start, our mission has remained true: provide optimal learning and working environments while maximizing energy savings for every client.

Membership Type

Energy Service Affiliate Member 1


David Dale

Alex Caroom
Business Development

Scotty Caroom
President and CEO

Colton Churchill
VP of Design and Development

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