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Espen Technology

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Espen Technology


EV Charging Stations Lighting Manufacturer (Lighting)

Energy Service Affiliate Member 1


Espen Technology is an innovative manufacturer of LED linear retrofit systems and electric vehicle charging stations. Espen specializes in manufacturing top quality LED products, including: T8 & T5 lamps (Types A, B, C, A+B, DE, dimmable, BAA, ArmorCoat, and more), LED drivers, retrofit kits, linear modules, Smart linear systems, and Emergency LED Drivers & Ballasts. Espen Technology offers competitive products with the highest quality. Headquartered outside Los Angeles, Espen Technology offers personalized inside sales, technical support, warranty and logistics--Learn more about Espen Technology at

Membership Type

Energy Service Affiliate Member 1


Joseph Bierniak
Regional Vice President, Eastern Region

Melanie Barton
Sales Manager

Lance Hollner
Sales Agent

Flemming Jensen
Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Tara Nkila
Inside Sales Manager - West

Freddy Preston
Regional Vice President, South

Jason Samuelian
Regional Vice President, Western Region

Richard Zhang

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