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Cooper Lighting Solutions

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Cooper Lighting Solutions


Lighting GUV (Lighting) Manufacturer (Lighting)

Energy Service Affiliate Member 1


Cooper Lighting Solutions delivers an industry-leading portfolio of innovative lighting solutions for connected buildings, homes and communities, including reliable indoor and outdoor smart lighting & control solutions specifically designed to simplify lighting for consumers, help solve complex business challenges and leverage data insights to meet customers’ unique needs. From industrial facilities to hospitals, from schools & universities to commercial office spaces, from military installations to sports lighting, Cooper Lighting delivers cost effective, innovative lighting & controls solutions specifically designed to maximize - performance, energy efficiency and cost savings that can be relied on for years to come.

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Energy Service Affiliate Member 1


Jayme Meyers LC, CLEP & CLMC

Matt Griener
ESCO, Business Development Manager

Abbey Renfrew
ESCO Business Development Manager

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