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Aeroseal LLC

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Aeroseal LLC


Duct Sealing (Building Envelope) Building Envelope HVAC-IAQ Minority-Owned Made in USA

Energy Service Affiliate Member 1


Aeroseal is a breakthrough duct sealing technology that seals leaks from inside the duct system using a patented non-toxic aerosol mist. Developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with partial funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, the technology addresses problems associated with the energy waste caused by duct leakage. Because the process is done from the inside, it also eliminates the demolition typically required to find and seal leaks using traditional duct sealing methods. The Aeroseal process has proven to be the most effective, affordable and viable method for sealing leaky ductwork systems in commercial buildings. The computer-controlled system automatically measures duct leakage rates before, during and after the sealing process and generates a final report that documents the results. Once the leaks are sealed, fan speeds can be reduced dramatically – thereby reducing payback time and increasing energy savings for institutions such as hospitals, labs, universities, K-12 schools and military facilities.

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Energy Service Affiliate Member 1


April Frakes

Samantha Bezich
Content Marketing Specialist

David Boezi
Business Development Manager

Glen Brendel
Business Development Manager - Southwest

Guy Colglazier
Vice President and General Manager

Brian Culich

Donna Hawke
Strategic Marketing Manager - Commercial

Maggie McCarey
Head of Policy and Market Development

Brandon Miles
Business Development Manager - ESCO

Brian Park
National Business Development Manager

Karrie Penn

Michael Reno
Business Development Manager

Bethany Sanker
Vice President, Marketing

Kevin Smith
Business Development - Pacific NW and Rocky Mtn Regions

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