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2024 International ESCO Symposium

2024 International ESCO Symposium

1/16/2024 - 1/17/2024


2024 International ESCO Symposium

Organized by The Global ESCO Network 

January 16-17, 2024 | Paris, France 

Save the date! Additional details coming soon.

The Global ESCO Network works to elevate issues and concepts related to the role of Energy Service Companies – ESCOs –to the highest possible level at the international, national, and regional levels as well as on the international climate policy agenda. 

In support of this objective, the first International ESCO Symposium will gather ESCO stakeholders – ESCOs, ESCO associations, governments, financial institutions, and associated partners – to exchange on the current market situation and to identify initiatives that the Global ESCO Network can and should adopt to further the international energy efficiency agenda and ESCOs as the agents for its implementation. 

ESCOs deploy a business model directly responding to the global climate change challenge. As an industry, ESCOs are not sufficiently recognized and, therefore, rarely entrenched in national policies. National ESCO Associations, and the Global ESCO Network that gathers them, work to promote the interests of their members for establishing business conditions commensurate with the immense economic and GHG mitigation potentials of energy efficiency for countries and industries alike. 

The growing urgency of decisive responses to a rapidly changing climate, and the inherent ESCO promise of delivering profitable investments to the same effect, suggest a prominent role of the global ESCO community in the global climate change agenda, from the highest UN level to the grassroots. 

Topics to be covered during the event: 

▪ Regulatory barriers to the development of ESCO’s activities 

▪ Incorporating ESCOs in Nationally Determined Contributions 

▪ Adapted innovative financing schemes for ESCO’s projects 

▪ New ESCOs structures, such as Super ESCOs 

▪ The fundamental role of Measurement and Verification of savings in ESCO’s projects 

▪ Evolution of the ESCO market in different countries 

The International ESCO Symposium 2024 is organized by the Global ESCO Network in partnership with NAESCO. The Global ESCO Network was established by UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre and managed in partnership with the Efficiency Valuation Organization.

1/16/2024 - 1/17/2024
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