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ESCO Israel Electricity & Energy Services, Ltd

ESCO Israel Electricity & Energy Services, Ltd




ESCO Israel Ltd. pioneers the Israel Energy Services Market. The first of its kind in Israel, ESCO has three main pillars; Energy Efficiency, PV & Demand Site Management (DSM). Through saving, creating, and managing energy, ESCO's clients are the closest to net-zero energy consumption in Israel. With a focus on energy savings and increased productivity, ESCO specializes in developing, designing, constructing, financing, and operating environment and energy efficiency projects. ESCO Israel also offers PV (Solar energy) to clients that can be used alongside ESCO's EE solutions, Energy distribution, and DSM (Microgrid & Peak Shaving Technology). Saving the environment is at the forefront of ESCO Israel's ethos. ESCO works with its clients to decrease energy consumption, reduce operating expenses, upgrade & maintain facilities, improve occupancy comfort & productivity, and enhance each client's positive impact on the environment. The Company has successfully built and operated several hundreds of projects all over Israel. Currently, ESCO Israel is looking to have an even bigger impact on the environment through partnering with start-ups to bring their innovative technology on board. You can learn more about it at


Arora Attenborough
Project Manager

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