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EMPEQ automates traditional workflows for energy engineers and commercial contractors through an integrated, AI-enabled mobile & cloud-based app that digitizes customer equipment data, enables a completely customizable audit process, and instantaneously arranges financing solutions for their customers with the click of a smartphone’s camera.  Our One Click Capture technology greatly increases the speed and accuracy, while driving down costs, of an energy/building/equipment audit by up to 80%.

Incorporated in 2016, EMPEQ is a Fintech and Salestech company helping clients close more projects, faster. We shorten your sales cycle in two ways: by reducing the time it takes to do a site survey by up to 80% with our Visibility app, and by decreasing lost sales with financing options included right in your project proposal. EMPEQ Visibility eliminates onerous site surveys, timewasting proposal preparation, and concerns about your prospect’s ability to pay for your project. EMPEQ Visibility has simplified data capture down to the just snap of your smartphone’s camera. Our mobile app uses a quick and accurate, artificial intelligence-backed, equipment identification in the field via a hand-held device such as a smartphone to extract critical information from nameplates which eliminate inaccuracies that slow down the proposal creation process. While our mobile app aids the data capture process in the field, EMPEQ has streamlined the entire proposal process. Our cloud-based software allows site survey data to be shared with team members in real-time. Without delays in the data sharing process, proposal creation can commence immediately. EMPEQ understands that you aren’t looking to become a finance expert. Industry statistics tell us that 79% of U.S. companies use financing in equipment projects which means that – whether you know it or not – your customer is financing their project. Having your prospect independently seek out financing options can lengthen your sales cycle and increase the risk of lost sales. However, our financing experts provide small- and mid-size businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities finance options that are easy to understand and tailored to their needs. We deliver best-in-class service so that you can confidently provide financing options directly on your proposal and close more projects. EMPEQ works closely with companies to provide critical equipment finance. We guide our partners on how to best use financing to close business and are committed to managing transaction flow for the highest customer satisfaction. With over 100 years of combined finance experience, we have everything you need to help expedite the process. There are few companies that can match our tenure, knowledge, and experience. We keep it simple and make equipment project financing as easy as possible. That means we ask the right questions and listen to each client’s individual needs. We understand that getting transactions done is critically important to our vendor partners and customers. That is why we have a wide range of finance products including equipment loans, capital leases, municipal leasing, PACE funding, Energy Service Agreements, off-balance sheet leasing, and structured finance as well as our unique off–balance sheet “UnFinancing” subscription model.


Herbert Dwyer

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