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WESCO Energy Solutions

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WESCO Energy Solutions


Distributor (Lighting) Solar (Distributor) GUV (Distributor) Turnkey (Water Efficiency) Motors & Drives (Distributor) EV Charging (Distributor) Transformers Active Power Management Distributor (Controls) Labor Only (Lighting) Turnkey (Lighting) Solar EV Charging Stations Metering/Auditing Consulting Lighting Exterior (Lighting) GUV (Lighting) Water Efficiency Engineering/Design Controls Lighting (Controls) Distributor Lighting (Distributor) Controls (Distributor)

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Wesco Energy Solutions uses a customer-centric approach to deliver turnkey sustainability projects. From conception through installation, we leverage solutions such as LED lighting, networked controls, solar panels, intelligent metering, and electric vehicle charging to help our clients achieve significant savings and create a smart, future-proof infrastructure. We partner with ESCOs to deliver superior value as part of their Energy Savings Performance Contracts throughout North America and Overseas.  

WESCO Energy Solutions (WES) is the combination of two industry leading energy efficiency companies (SLS Energy Solutions and Aelux) delivering customized turnkey solutions for Lighting, Solar PV, Electric Vehicle Charging and Smart Metering improvements. Our turnkey approach incorporates every aspect of the project to include audit/survey; design; engineering; rebate/incentives; financing assistance; permits and compliance; project management; commissioning; installation; measurement & verification; warranty administration and on-going service. Our manufacturer-neutral position provides a full array of energy and sustainability solutions from a broad range of sources to assure you of the right product application and the right price. Leveraging our 500 Branches, we offer services that may be unavailable elsewhere, such as secured staging and storage areas, and other logistics support. WES offers expertise in delivering solutions in all vertical market sectors, specializing in partnering with ESCOs to provide exceptional value and results. WESCO Energy Solutions – ESCO is in our Name!

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Energy Service Affiliate Member 1


Tom Walther
Market Director - ESCO Solutions

Greg Aufderheide
Head of Sales

Jim Bailey
Sr. Business Development Manager

Andrew Billhymer
Regional Government Manager

Steve Dyczkiewycz
ESCO Engineering Manager

Brian Finn
Senior Sales Representative

Greg Hermanowycz
Director, Technology / Project Development

Todd Tiberi
Director, Project Development

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