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enVerid Systems

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enVerid Systems



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enVerid Systems’ award-winning Sorbent Ventilation Technology® (SVT®) reduces the cost and carbon emissions of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning commercial buildings and increases their resiliency to polluted outside air. SVT delivers these benefits by filtering harmful contaminants from indoor air so that indoor air quality can be maintained with less outside air ventilation, which is energy intensive and expensive to condition and may be polluted. Reducing outside air requirements enables building owners to install smaller, less expensive HVAC systems that use less energy and to operate existing HVAC systems more energy efficiently. SVT is available in systems sold by leading HVAC manufacturers such as Daikin and Oxygen8 and in enVerid’s HVAC Load Reduction® (HLR®) modules, which can be easily integrated with HVAC systems from any manufacturer. Over 1,000 HVAC systems with SVT have been designed into commercial, academic, and government buildings globally over the past ten years in full compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62.1 and the International Mechanical Code. SVT can also be used to earn LEED and WELL points. For more information, visit

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Energy Service Affiliate Member 2


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